Since I began practicing law in 1993, I have represented numerous individuals on charges ranging from trespassing to capital murder. If you are charged with a crime or believe you may be charged with a crime, it is important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced attorney will inform of your rights and responsibilities, help you protect your interests, and navigate you through the complex legal system. A criminal conviction can have repercussions for the rest of your life, so it is important to know what you should and should not do if you face criminal charges

It is not uncommon for law enforcement officers to utilize interrogation techniques, including providing false information, in an attempt to obtain information from you. Many people do not realize that law enforcement officers do not have to be honest with you when you are being questioned. Your answers, should they incriminate you, can and will be used against you. You should speak to an attorney before you give any statement in a situation where you might be incriminated. If you are detained by law enforcement for questioning, you have the absolute right to refuse to answer any questions without conferring with an attorney.

As a defense attorney, I have the experience and expertise you need as well as the respect of judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers. I have a courtroom demeanor that a jury can listen to, understand, and agree with. I understand complicated legal issues, interpret them in a way that benefits your defense, and can persuasively communicate that perspective to a judge and jury.